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proudly presents

This is a Hattrick tool for designing the right arena for your needs.
Choose your country first, then fill up your current arena seats.
This can be done automagically, using your HT username and security code.
The league position and fan club size are required to predict near future
attendances. However, the predictions might not be entirely accurate.
Then enter the total number of seats you would like your arena to have.
You can modify the default percentages used for the calculation.

Get data
 Current Arena  
Basic Seating
Seats Under Roof
VIP Lounges
League position:
Fanclub size
 Desired arena
    Terraces %
    Basic Seating %
    Seats Under Roof %
    VIP Lounges %
Desired Size
default precentages

© Hattrick Stars
This application uses information from the online game service
This use has been approved by the developers and copyright owners of Hattrick, Extralives AB.
Your username/security code will not be stored in any way by this application.

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